Comfortable clothes with a purpose. On top, you can literally wear anything the is warm enough for the weather that day. Sot-shirts or sweat shirts is fine. On the bottom, well, this is a tad trickier.Shorts are preferred over pants as pants tend to get grabbed by the chain at times. So shorts or yoga pants is fine. Where this bottom discussion gets a tad tricky is about the butt. Butt pads are nice as most of us prefer some cushion between us and a small bike seat. Her it is really up to you. My cycling friends will all have their spandex or other “biker” shorts that have a pad in them – if that is you, please bring them. If it is not, your bottom will surely survive one outing with out it. Tennis shoes are fine, we have flat pedals on the bikes. Sunglasses are recommended as it tends to be good protection. If you have gloves of any kind, bring them-your hands will appreciate it. We are looking into providing gloves, helmets, and the bikes, but the gloves are still in the works.

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