Maple Springs Top Out

Maple Springs Top Out

Difficulty Level 4
Endurance Required
Forest views
Mountain Views
Tree coverage

From: $108.00

Summit of Saddleback! (2+ Hour Ride)


This ride is our biggest EPIC ride offered at this time. It is called “top out” because you make it to the summit of Saddleback Mountain (5,600 feet). We park at the gate at Maple Springs and there is usually a single outhouse restroom available here. The ride starts off with 3 miles of pavement, and then the rest is fire road dirt. While the route is often open to 4X4 or motorcycle traffic, you very rarely encounter any. The trick to achieving the top is being fit enough to pedal up in Eco assist mode so the battery life endures the distance. We have tested the bikes and successfully achieved many full passes on this route. This route is by far offers the most spectacular views. Every turn from 4 corners to the top makes you want to stop and take another photo. The return trip offers the biggest descent of most cyclist’s life and only requires 3-4% of the battery life. That is very convenient because that maybe all you have left after climbing to the Top. Ride is rated 4-5 because of length. This is definitely a 2 hour+ ride.


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