Maple Springs to 4 corners

Maple Springs to 4 corners

Difficulty Level 3
Mountain Views
Tree coverage

From: $98.00

Wooded Alpine-like views (2 Hour Ride)


This is a more user friendly abbreviated route of our Top Out. We park at the gate at Maple Springs and there is usually a single outhouse restroom available here. The ride starts off with 3 miles of pavement, and then the rest is fire road dirt all the way to 4 corners (4,400 feet elevation). While the route is often open to 4X4 or motorcycle traffic, you very rarely encounter any. This route is our most wooded offering ample shade. Many comment that it feels more like an alpine climb than any other 1-3 route we offer. Topping out at 4 corners the views are 360 and amazing. This route is rated a 3 only because of the length. It will 1.5 – 2 hours to complete.


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