Cooks, Old Camp, Luge

Cooks, Old Camp, Luge

Difficulty Level 5
Mountain Views
Single-Track segments

From: $98.00

Single-track fun! (2 Hour Ride)


This is a classic Orange County loop. Parking is free and there are restrooms available. This ride is rated a 4-5 because of the technical difficulty. The route is NOT for 1-3 level riders. The route is very fun for our seasoned cycling friends. From cooks restaurant we climb up via paved road to the STT trail head. Once there the single track winds its way past the flag/luge to Old Camp Clearing. The decent includes the Luge which is a spectacular fun single track that’s sure to spike up some adrenaline. At the bottom of the luge we descend via road back down to Cooks corner (our staging area).


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